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RM Fowler Limited are official Ramsey chain distributors in the UK. We can supply Ramsey silent chain (also known as inverted tooth) for a large number of power transmission and conveyer applications.

With over 90 years' experience Ramsey chains based in North Carolina USA are the world's leading supplier of silent chain solutions for industry. Ramsey have an extensive range of silent chains, sprockets, chain driven speed reducers, transmissions, and couplings.

Using silent chain has a number of advantages over belts and roller chain. Belts are prone to slipping and are greatly affected by temperature and humidity. Using a Ramsey chain will stop slipping, reduce the effect of temperature and humidity, increase efficiency and allow higher speeds and power capacity.

Some of the advantages of using Ramsey chain rather than a roller chain are increased speeds and higher power capacity, reduced noise and vibration, greater efficiency and are less effected by chordal action.

Silent Chain earned its name by producing considerably less noise and vibration than conventional chain or drive applications, however it is not completely silent and will produce noise.

For more details on Ramsey products please visit the Ramsey chain website via the link below or alternatively please contact us directly.


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