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NTN-SNR is the third largest roller bearing manufacturer in the world. It has been established in the linear motion market since 1985 in Japan and now offers its complete and competitive product range to the UK market.

NTN's BG series is their main precision linear product. It offers a wide range of sizes and configurations for all types of applications. It is available with NTN's patented ball chain technology and various types of corrosion protection. Please see the below link for more information.

NTN MB miniature linear guides are a compact linear guide made from corrosion resistant materials. They are available in narrow and extra wide versions and can be fitted with ball chain technology.

NTN offers a wide range of rolled ballscrews with various different screw shaft diameters and nut shapes for all types of applications.

RM Fowler Limited can supply the full range of NTN linear products.

For more information on NTN's most popular product please click on the below links.

We do not have details on our website of the full range of NTN-SNR products and only include basic information of the products we sell on our website. For more detailed information on NTN-SNR products such as dimensions and load rating please visit the NTN-SNR website where downloadable catalogues are available. From the NTN-SNR website you can also download catalogues and product information for CAD software. Alternatively please contact us directly


NTN BG series Linear guides 1 NTN BG series Linear guides 2 NTN MBC and MBX miniature linear guides 1 NTN MBC and MBX miniature linear guides 2