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RA Series

For top end high machine performance RM Fowler recommends the NSK RA Series.

The RA series is a roller guide employing NSKs advanced analysis technology which offers high load capacity, high motion accuracy and high rigidity.

Through analysis technology NSK have installed rollers that are the largest possible diameter and length within the existing standard cross-section dimension. As a result NSK have produced one of the world's highest load capacity linear guides with the RA series.

The RA series also includes retaining pieces between the rollers that ensure the rollers always remain in the correct position and achieve smooth motion.

NSK Roller guides RA series
NSK Roller guides RA series

Accuracy Standard

RA linear guides have four precision accuracy grades rated from P3 to P6, the lower the number the better the accuracy.

As standard the RA series rail is P6 which is suitable for most applications, however if super high accuracy is required then P5 to P3 can be specified.

Due to the characteristics of the roller guide there is minimal variation in rigidity according to the preload therefore the RA series is only available with a medium preload of Z3.

If you are not clear on your accuracy and preload requirements please contact us directly.

NSK K1 lubrication units which enhance maintenance free long term operation are also available on the RA series.

For more details on the RA series and other NSK products please visit the NSK website where downloadable PDF and CAD information is available. Alternatively please contact us directly.