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LH & LS Series

The LH and LS series are the most commonly used linear systems made by NSK due to their versatility and high stock levels.

Surface hardened sliders and ball tracks, combined with the 'X' configuration of the ball contact points result in a high self-aligning ability. This can help absorb any errors in the installation.

The LH and LS series are also ideally suited to vertical movements as the contact angle is set at 50 degrees resulting in a high load carrying capacity and extra rigidity in the vertical direction.

A high resistance against impact load is achieved due to the shape and orientation of the ball grooves.

The LH and LS series are due to be discontinued and replaced by the NH and NS range. These two series are 100% interchangeable meaning NH and NS guides WILL fit on LH and LS series rails, therefore spare or replacement parts will not be affected.

NSK standard linear guides LH, LS and NH, NS series

NH & NS Series

The NH and NS series are a brand new NSK product based on the LH and LS series of linear guides. NSK have retained all of the best features of the LH and LS series and have also made some improvements.

NSK have introduced a new ball groove geometry developed using NSK's state of the art tribological and analytical technologies. This results in an optimised distribution of contact pressures, increasing the load rating by 1.3 and doubling the life span compared with the LH and LS series.

The NH and HS series also have a new ball re-circulation path which improves smoothness and reduces noise.

Accuracy and Preload

The NH and NS series have a number of different accuracy and preload combinations for various applications including ultra-precision P3. The need for special high accuracy and preloads will depend on the application requirements.

If you are not clear on your accuracy and preload requirements please contact us directly.

For more details on the NH and NS series or other NSK products please visit the NSK website where downloadable PDF and CAD information is available. Alternatively please contact us directly.