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Ball Screws

NSK ball screws provide a highly accurate and smooth conversion of rotary to linear motion with minimum friction and have the ability to convert a small torque to a large thrust force.

NSK's state of the art production and quality control techniques make NSK the largest global volume manufacturer of ball screws. As a result NSK offer a complete range of precision ground and rolled ball screws developed through cutting-edge tribology (friction control technology).

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Accuracy Grades

There are two types of accuracy grades for NSK ball screws. C system for positioning and Ct for transportation. Generally the C grade is for precision ball screws and Ct for rolled ball screws.

NSK precision ball screws have an accuracy rating from C0 to C5 which conforms to the four characteristics specified in JIS standards. These standards relate to the tolerance of specified travel, and three different measurements of travel variation.

NSK rolled ball screws accuracy ranges from Ct5 to Ct10, they also conform to JIS standards but the accuracy rating directly relates to the length of the screw shaft i.e. as the shaft length increases the accuracy decreases.

NSK Ball screw range

RM Fowler Limited can supply the full range of NSK ball screws. The most popular types of ball screws sold by RM Fowler are detailed below.

The compact FA precision PSS series offers high speed and low noise operation with no backlash, and C5 accuracy in a compact design which is up to 30% smaller than conventional ball screw nuts. The PSS also comes with finished ends which have been machined to fit NSK support units.

The precision rolled VSP (PR or LPR) series is also popular offering no backlash on high speed long stroke applications. It is also a compact ball screw unit like the PSS series however it does NOT have finished ends and its accuracy is slightly less at Ct5 to Ct7 depending on the screw shaft length. VSP screw shafts can be up to 3200mm long.

Miniature precision rolled VFA, RMA and RMS series are available in screw diameters 6 – 15mm and they are all Ct7 accuracy and are designed for transfer equipment. VFA and RMA come with finished ends, the RMS has blank ends for customer specific machining.

R Series rolled ball screws are available in screw diameters 10 - 50mm and come with various different nut shapes including: RNFTL, RNFBL, RNCT, RNFCL and RNSTL. R series screw shafts are available up 4000mm long, have non-machined ends and are Ct10 accuracy.

RM Fowler also stock the most popular sizes of ball screw support units.

For more details on NSK ball screws please visit the NSK website where downloadable PDF and CAD information is available. Alternatively please contact us directly.