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Slide Bush

The NB Slide Bush is a linear motion mechanism utilising the rotational motion of ball elements. Since linear motion is obtained using a simple mechanism, the slide bush can be used in a wide variety of applications.

The raceway surface is precision ground. Since the contact surface between the ball elements and the raceway surface is minimized, the NB Slide Bush provides low friction compared to other linear motion mechanisms.

All Slide Bush products are available in standard and anti-corrosion materials. Available options include a steel retainer suitable for use in harsh environments and a resin retainer for low acoustic, low-cost requirements.

NB Slide Bush
NB Slide Bush
NB Slide Bush

Available in various types including standard, clearance-adjustable, open, flange, and block type for multiple applications.

Also available from NB are the Topball self-aligning bush series, Stroke bush series and slide rotary series.

For more details on NB Bush products please visit the NB website where downloadable PDF and CAD information is available. Alternatively please contact us directly.