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Ball Splines

The NB Ball Spline is a linear motion mechanism utilising the rotational motion of ball elements that can sustain loads and at the same time transfer torque.

The Ball Spline consists of a spline shaft with raceway grooves and a spline nut. The spline nut consists of an outer cylinder (main body), retainer, side rings, and ball elements that are designed and manufactured to achieve a reliably smooth motion.

NB Ball Splines are known for high load capacity, long travel life, high speed motion and high speed rotation.

Stroke ball splines are also available which have a limited stroke due to the non-circulating retainer. Small dynamic friction and low noise are realised because the rolling elements do not circulate.

NB Ball Spline
NB Ball Spline

Rotary Ball Spline

The NB Rotary Ball Spline can be used for both rotational motion and linear motion. It consists of a spline nut and a rotating portion using cross rollers.

The use of cross rollers and 4-row ball circuits structure provide high rigidity despite the compact design.

The cross rollers are directly attached to the ball spline's outer cylinder, resulting in a compact and light design.

Ball Screw Spline

The NB Ball Screw Spline combines ball screw and ball spline on a single shaft, allowing linear actuation, torque transfer, and rotational motion with a single compact assembly.

All NB Spline products are available with anti-corrosion protection.

For more details on NB Spline products please visit the NB website where downloadable PDF and CAD information is available. Alternatively please contact us directly.